Family Therapy

Family Therapy is offered weekly as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

We understand that watching a loved one go through the transformation process of living life free from addiction can be difficult. We want to provide you with our resources to help in the healing process for everyone. Family therapy is offered as part of our residential treatment program.

Our Family Therapy Program

Our program offers extended family support. We understand that addiction can create a ripple effect in the lives of family and friends. Our weekly one-hour family sessions are individualized to address how families can begin the healing process. We believe that establishing a healthy home-support system, with open and honest communication, is integral to our recovery process.

Private Family Sessions
Our program offers one-hour private family counseling sessions every week while in our residential program.

Family Visitation
Every weekend we open our facility for family visitation and education.  Clients may invite 2 adult family members 18 and older every weekend to engage in our program.  Our family visitation schedule varies, so be sure to coordinate with our staff about your specific arrival time.

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Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that drugs and alcohol are not the root or cause of addiction ~ There is usually an underlying problem, that if not addressed, will cause success to be short-lived. We know that if we treat the whole person, success can be lifelong. We believe it is imperative to develop a personalized recovery plan for every client and to not take a “cookie-cutter approach.” By combining the best blend of techniques and determining what will be most effective for each individual, we believe our clients will be better positioned to live a healthy, successful life in recovery.

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