Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy is offered weekly as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

For clients struggling with substance use disorder, there is an internal battle going on within their body, mind, and spirit. Addiction is often a symptom unease with one’s self or what one is experiencing. Meditation for addiction is a tool that can help clients struggling with substance use disorder explore this discomfort and work through it toward inner peace and leave behind the need for substance abuse.

Meditation for addiction has been shown to reduce the incidence of relapse for clients struggling with substance use disorder in a number of research studies. This is why it’s a popular and successful treatment option for those who come to Tranquility Woods for addiction recovery. If you think our treatment approach and rehab center could be the right place for you or your loved one, get in touch with our team today. We’re here to help.

What is Meditation?

You might think that you have to sit down on a pillow with your legs crossed in order to meditate, but meditation can be done lying down, sitting in a chair, or even sitting on a bus in traffic. It can be done anywhere. You also might think you’re supposed to clear your mind and avoid thoughts during meditation, but that’s not really the case either.

Meditation is simply a practice in which an individual trains the mind to a single focal point such as the breath or a word or a relaxing mental image to help promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, build energy, and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

Meditation can also help you become aware of the types of thoughts you’re having too. By reaching this point of single focus, individuals can analyze and uncover internal anger, fears, and hatreds to help find inner peace.

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We believe that drugs and alcohol are not the root or cause of addiction ~ There is usually an underlying problem, that if not addressed, will cause success to be short-lived. We know that if we treat the whole person, success can be lifelong. We believe it is imperative to develop a personalized recovery plan for every client and to not take a “cookie-cutter approach.” By combining the best blend of techniques and determining what will be most effective for each individual, we believe our clients will be better positioned to live a healthy, successful life in recovery.

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