Residential adderall Addiction Treatment

Last Updated May 31, 2022
We treat adderall Use Disorder
Tranquility Woods offers residential treatment for clients struggling with adderall use disorders. Our program offers a blend of medical, clinical, and holistic expertise. We also provide on-site adderall detox as part of our residential program. In addition to our medical treatments, clients are exposed to a high volume of individual therapy, and other holistic modalities to help kickstart the healing process.
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How We Treat adderall Dependency

During our pre-intake assessment, we gather information about any drug and alcohol use, including the amount and frequency of use.  This includes prescription medication as well.  With this information, our medical staff is able to minimize the withdrawal effects from medications, as well as address any medical complications.  We have helped clients cease the use of Adderall in our care.  Often, there are multiple medications or substances being used, so developing the appropriate detoxification protocol is necessary.

Detoxification length of time varies on each individual’s own set of complexities.  On average, a client’s detox protocol ranges from seven to ten days.  Please note, that this information is not intended as medical advice, and consulting a medical professional is always recommended prior to addiction treatment.  Please view our Admissions process to learn more about becoming a client in our care.        

More Information about adderall

Adderall and Mydayis are brand names for a combination drug containing a compund of salts and of amphetamine. Adderal is commonly prescribed for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and are commonly abused for recreational purposes.
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We accept Health Insurance

Please note: we can use health insurance with out-of-network benefits towards the cost of care.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that drugs and alcohol are not the root or cause of addiction ~ There is usually an underlying problem, that if not addressed, will cause success to be short-lived. We know that if we treat the whole person, success can be lifelong. We believe it is imperative to develop a personalized recovery plan for every client and to not take a “cookie-cutter approach.” By combining the best blend of techniques and determining what will be most effective for each individual, we believe our clients will be better positioned to live a healthy, successful life in recovery.

Dual Diagnosis adderall Treatment

In addition to providing stabilization and treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders, our program is specially designed to treat underlying mental health disorders. We find that most clients struggling with maintaining continuous sobriety, there is usually conditions that have not been effectively processed, diagnosed or managed.