Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is offered 4 hours weekly as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

Individual, one-on-one therapy is the cornerstone of the Tranquility Woods program. Our individual program is unparalleled in the recovery community. Clients will benefit from a minimum of four hours of one on one individual therapy sessions weekly in our residential program. This allows our clients to express themselves privately and comfortably.

Individual therapy has proven to be by far, one of the most successful means of addiction recovery. As a fully integrated treatment program, we incorporate proven methods to serve the unique needs of our clients. The most recognized and utilized form of therapy for addiction counseling is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This solution-based approach recognizes drug addictions as learned behaviors that can be unlearned.

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Group Addiction Therapy

Group Addiction Therapy is offered daily as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

In Group therapy sessions, clients recognize that many share their experiences and feelings, which helps to remove the sense of isolation and raise self-esteem. Group sessions encourage clients to help each other. They share coping skills and support one another. The group setting provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to improve interpersonal behavior, communications, and social skills. Clients will share experiences and difficult situations that stimulate their addictive tendencies. In doing so, they learn how to deal with them. Group therapy is another powerful modality Tranquility Woods offers in its fully integrated program. Group sessions include topics such as grief, loss, anger, stress, and shame.

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Addiction Treatment Psychiatry

Addiction Treatment Psychiatry is offered as needed as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

Every client that enrolls in our program takes our mental health evaluation. We are very experienced in treating dual disorders alongside addiction. In some cases, clients are already working with a psychiatrist or are taking medications for mental health disorders. Our clients have the opportunity if recommended to have a psychiatric evaluation.

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Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Dual Diagnosis Therapy is offered throughout as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

For many people that come to Tranquility Woods for addiction recovery, it is not uncommon that they also suffer from a mental health disorder. In this case, the individual has a co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis. This means that a substance abuse addiction occurs simultaneously with mental health issues. Our professionals ensure that each individual is properly assessed for signs of mental health disorders. The two problems are so intimately connected that they require very deliberate and specific care to address each of the issues simultaneously.

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Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Planning is offered 2 weeks prior to discharge as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

The primary goal of the Tranquility Woods aftercare planning program is to ensure there is a smooth transition to the next step of clinical care and if applicable an appropriate sober living environment.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is offered weekly as part of our residential addiction treatment program.

We understand that watching a loved one go through the transformation process of living life free from addiction can be difficult. We want to provide you with our resources to help in the healing process for everyone. Family therapy is offered as part of our residential treatment program.

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