Addiction Rehab For Veterans & First Responders

We Treat Most Drug Addictions

Interlaced with addictions, we have a trauma-informed treatment approach integrating experiential, educational, expressive, and holistic therapies.  Our residential program starts at 30 days. We draw upon the work of nationally accredited authors like Bessel Van der Kolk, Brene Brown, and Kristen Neff, among others, in our program design and implementation. Our clients receive educational materials to build awareness and insight into trauma. We have a curated group therapy curriculum that enmeshes didactic and experiential learning. We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma exposure on physical and mental health.
Tranquility Woods | Pasadena, Maryland

Veteran Addiction Rehab Program

We provide client-centered and evidence-based care with licensed and trained staff. Our clinicians have trained in evidence-based treatment for trauma like EMDR, CBT, DBT, and Brain spotting ( David Grand, 2015).

Our addiction-focused expert medical team provides alcohol and drug detoxification available on-site.  Each client is medically evaluated for an individualized detoxification protocol.  We can prescribe medications to create a comfortable and safe transition from drug and alcohol use.

Our comprehensive treatment methods cover a wide range of different physical and holistic support, including acupuncture, physical fitness, massage, yoga, mindfulness, meditation training, and much more.

Six Benefits of Our Veterans Program

  1. Understand the impact of trauma (PTSD) on the brain, behavior, and overall functioning
  2. Learn new coping skills to manage PTSD, anxiety, fear, depression, and substance use.
  3. Receive 4 hours of individualized addiction and trauma-based therapy.
  4. Participate in 3-4 hours of addiction groups, 1-2 hours of mental health groups, cellular healing, acupuncture, massage, and yoga every week.
  5. Families will be engaged within 24 hours of admission. Family sessions are twice a week on-site at your convenience.
  6. Consultation and treatment with trauma-informed medical professionals with a strong background in addiction medicine and pharmacotherapy.

Addiction Rehab for Active Duty Military

Our program works well with your Command-Line to offer updates in treatment for active-duty military members. Our Care coordinators will establish timely progress updates, help with aftercare coordination, and provide our program completion letter. We work well with Tricare East policies managed through Humana.

The Five Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Safety | Choice | Collaboration | Trustworthiness| Empowerment
Our principles of trauma-informed care include the emotional and physical safety of our clients through peer support and ongoing staff support. We have a core crisis response team led by licensed clinicians for an effective and immediate response to a client’s needs. Our clinical model is based on trust between providers and clients.  We ensure collaboration with our clients by setting goals for treatment and aftercare.
Our team of medical and clinical professionals works with our clients daily. Our 32-client program is one of the smallest in the country.
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We Accept Health Insurance

We Accept Most PPO and POS Health Insurance Policies

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare.
Aetna PPO + POS
Anthem PPO
BlueCross PPO
CareFirst PPO
Cigna PPO + POS
Tricare East
United Healthcare Choice Plus
Most PPO & POS Plans
Most of our clients rely on their health insurance to cover most, if not all, of the cost of care with us. Listed below are some of the common health insurance policies we accept. You can either submit a confidential insurance verification, or one of our staff members can provide a cost of care for our program over the phone.
Please note: we cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare from any state.
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Our comprehensive program takes an all-in approach to addiction treatment. We focus on holistic therapy, individual addiction, and mental health therapy supplemented with daily small-group therapies
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