Tranquility Woods Addiction Treatment Center Program Overview

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Our program starts at 30 days, with extension options up to 90 days, and we offer medical detox for alcohol and most addictions.

Alcohol Detoxification

We prescribe medication and monitor you through alcohol detox.

Drug Detoxification

We prescribe medication and monitor you through drug detox.

Individual Therapy

3 individual counseling sessions weekly with your addictions counselor.

Mental Health Therapy

individual sessions with a licensed mental health therapist.

Addiction Psychiatry

Although we prefer the holistic recovery approach, we provide Psychiatric evaluations and diagnosis.

Culinary Staff

Our chef and culinary staff prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our residents.  We can accommodate most food allergies.

Addiction Groups

Daily educational groups with lessons about addiction.

Mental Health Groups

Daily workshops with a focus on the link between addiction and mental health.

Family Therapy

Private family therapy weekly.  Personalized to each family system.

Family Visitation

Weekly family visitation is currently offered every Sunday.

Holistic Therapy

An approach to treatment that considers the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga is offered as a way to help reduce anxiety. 


On-site gyms for a full workout.  Working out is proven to help reduce depression.


Can help reduce the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal.  Acupressure is offered as well.


Private massage is great for reducing symptoms of anxiety and helps accelerate detoxification.

Adventure Therapy

Weekly off-site activity to help normalize the treatment process.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Maryland

Overcoming addiction can seem like an incredibly difficult task.  Our team of addiction and mental health professionals are here to help.

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Our Staff

Meet the dedicated treatment team at Tranquility Woods.
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Residential Facility Walkthrough

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