Facility Overview of Tranquility Woods

This article will provide an overview of our residential addiction program.

Facility Overview

At Tranquility Woods, we prioritize both comfort and care for our clients. Our facility boasts two seasonal saltwater pools and is staffed by an executive chef who prepares all three meals daily. For those looking to maintain physical health, we offer two on-site gyms and an indoor infrared sauna in the main home. Year-round hot tub access and seasonal outdoor fire pits add to the restful environment. For your entertainment, televisions with cable and streaming services are available in common areas during the evenings. With daily housekeeping and 24/7 staffing to ensure client safety and confidentiality guaranteed under HIPAA, we also offer practical amenities for a worry-free stay. Each room comes with two full-size beds for added comfort.

Facility Highlights

Name Description
Two Outdoor Pools Saltwater pools, available seasonally
Executive Chef Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
On-site Gyms Two full gyms are available daily.
Infrared Sauna Indoor sauna (Main Home Only)
Hot Tub Access year-round
Television Available evenings in common areas with cable and streaming services.
Housekeeping Daily cleaning and sanitizing.
24/7 Staff Fully staffed 24/7 to ensure client safety.
Outdoor Fire-pits Best in the fall and winter months.
Privacy Confidential stay under HIPAA.
Full-Size Beds Two beds per room.

Property Layout

Nestled within 40 acres of protected woodlands, Tranquility Woods offers a serene and secluded environment for addiction treatment. Our property consists of four homes carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and comforting experience. Our original home accommodates 16 clients and is complemented by three additional homes, each housing eight clients. Every home features a variety of spaces tailored to support our client's journey to recovery. Client bedrooms provide a private retreat for rest and reflection, while group rooms serve as collaborative spaces for therapy and communal activities. Common areas offer an inviting space to relax and socialize. Each home also has a fully-equipped kitchen, where our executive chef crafts nutritious meals. On the practical side, therapist offices and medication rooms in each home ensure that all healthcare needs are met on-site in a setting that prioritizes privacy and personalized care.

Addressing the Family System

The Family Systems Model sees the family as a tightly-knit emotional team where everyone is connected. What happens to one person affects everyone else. Families often resist change to maintain balance, challenging overcoming problems like addiction. Each family has smaller units, like parents or siblings, each with its own set of rules and roles. Clear boundaries between these smaller units are essential for the family to function well. Family members typically have specific parts, like being the caregiver or problem-solver, and they use feedback from each other to regulate behavior. When faced with challenges, such as addiction, the family has to adapt to maintain stability.

Family Therapy at Tranquility Woods

At Tranquility Woods, the Family Systems Model is deeply integrated into the treatment approach, recognizing the family as an interconnected emotional unit crucial to recovery. Through one-hour weekly family therapy sessions, clinicians help families identify and address shared patterns, roles, and boundaries contributing to addiction. This is a platform for education, emotional support, and communication enhancement. In addition, every Sunday, small-group family visitation allows two adult family members to engage in the treatment process, reinforcing the principles learned in therapy and helping the family adapt to new, healthier dynamics. This comprehensive family involvement is geared towards creating a stable, supportive environment essential for lasting recovery.