Grief + Addiction Treatment

This article will provide an overview of how we treat grief and addiction at Tranquility Woods.

Grief Overview

Grief is a natural and complex emotional response to loss, particularly the loss of someone or something that has died or was deeply significant. It encompasses a wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, despair, confusion, and even relief or numbness.

Stages of Grief

Name Description
Denial Refusing to accept the loss or feeling shock.
Anger Feeling frustrated or upset with oneself, others, or the situation.
Bargaining Making deals or negotiations with oneself or a higher power to reverse or lessen the loss..
Depression Feeling deep sadness, hopelessness, or isolation.
Acceptance Coming to terms with the loss, finding a way to move forward.

Grief and Addiction

People may turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain of grief, but this can create a habit that leads to addiction. If someone already struggles with addiction, grief can make it worse. Grief can also complicate treating addiction, as both the sadness and the addiction must be addressed together. Support from professionals who understand grief and addiction can be beneficial, as they can provide care that considers the person's entire situation, helping them heal from both the emotional pain of loss and the physical struggle of addiction.