Prescription Opioids Addiction Treatment

This article will provide an overview of how we treat opioid detoxification and treatment at Tranquility Woods.

Prescription Opioids Overview

Prescription opioids are a class of drugs commonly prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain.  Understanding prescription opioids and their proper use is essential, especially in the context of addiction treatment.

Types of Prescription Opioids

Name Description
Morphine Often used in hospital settings to treat severe pain.
Oxycodone Prescribed for moderate to severe pain relief.
Hydrocodone Typically prescribed for moderate pain.
Fentanyl A synthetic opioid that's 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, often used for severe pain.

Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal symptoms manifest in two distinct phases, varying in intensity and duration based on factors such as the type of opioid and individual usage patterns. Early symptoms, appearing within 6-12 hours for short-acting opiates and 30 hours for longer-acting ones, include anxiety, muscle aches, excessive yawning, sweating, insomnia, runny nose, and teary eyes. These then transition into late symptoms after the first day, characterized by diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, dilated pupils, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure. Together, these symptoms represent the physiological and psychological response to reducing or ceasing opioid use.

Prescription Opioid Treatment

At Tranquility Woods, an ASAM 3.5-rated residential addiction treatment center in Maryland, the multifaceted approach to treating prescription opiate detox centers on compassionate, evidence-based care. Utilizing a suboxone taper method, the expert medical team at Tranquility Woods helps ease the withdrawal process, mitigating symptoms and reducing the risk of relapse. This medical approach is complemented by comprehensive dual diagnosis individual therapy, allowing for treating co-occurring mental health disorders often accompanying addiction. Together, these targeted interventions create a personalized, supportive environment where individuals can progress toward recovery. With a solid commitment to quality and individualized care, Tranquility Woods is well-equipped to guide clients through the complex journey of prescription opiate detox and onto a path of lasting sobriety and wellness.