Family Therapy

Family Therapy is offered weekly in our program.

Tranquility Woods knows addiction affects the whole family. That’s why family therapy is a core part of our treatment. It heals strained relationships and supports lasting recovery.

Guidance That Heals
Each clinician at Tranquility Woods excels in family dynamics. They lead therapy with skill and empathy, addressing each family’s needs.

Building Trust
Trust is vital for recovery. Clients and clinicians meet often. This builds a strong bond that enhances family therapy.

Welcoming All Families
We invite supportive family members to join therapy, either remotely or on-site. While clients choose to include family therapy, we often recommend it.

Strengthening Bonds
Family therapy at Tranquility Woods is crucial for mending relationships. It explores addiction’s roots and the steps toward recovery. We teach families how to support each other better.

  • For Young Adults: Therapy opens honest talks with parents. It sets boundaries and reduces enabling behaviors.
  • For Couples: It improves communication and teamwork in recovery.
  • For Parents and Children: It provides a space for parents to make amends and improve relationships with their children.

Planning Made Simple
We schedule weekly therapy sessions. Clinicians coordinate these meetings with the family’s schedule in mind.

Family therapy’s positive impact is clear at Tranquility Woods. We invite families to join the healing journey, where every step together strengthens the family unit.