Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are commonly asked questions about our program. You will find supportive links that help expand on may of the questions our admissions team are asked. Please give us a call if you have any additional questions.

Tranquility Woods Fax Number

Our Fax Number is 410-255-0450

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How Many Clients Do You Treat?

We treat 19 clients at a time to ensure our high volume of individual therapy.

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Do I need a doctor’s referral to be admitted or for my insurance to pay?

In most cases our staff can help submit all necesarry paperwork to start the insurance process. Reach out to our admissions staff to find out if we need any additional referrals for our program.


Do You accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Unfortunately, We are not currently accepting Medicaid or Medicare. Please visit for an up-to-date list of treatment providers in your area.

Do you take my insurance?

At Tranquility Woods, we work with most private and commercial insurance policies. We also will provide affordable alternatives to anyone who may not be able, for whatever reason, to attend Tranquility Woods.


Do You Have Private Rooms?

Due to our current Covid Protocols, we currently don't have any private rooms avaialbe.

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Does Tranquility Woods offer Aftercare Planning?

At Tranquility Woods, relapse prevention is a top priority. We provide a customized aftercare plan for every client to ensure a smooth transition from our facility. We also provide scheduled check-ins up to 12 months after a client leaves our care.

Aftercare Planning

Does Tranquility Woods work with my specific drug addiction?

At Tranquility Woods, our medical and clinical staff specialize in most drug addictions. We have specific individualized programs for every client and their specific circumstances.

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How much does Tranquility Woods Cost?

Our cost of care is determined by the type of health insurance that you carry. Each individual health insurance plan is unique with different costs associated. The fastest way for us to determine the cost of care would be through an insurance verification. Please visit contact our admissions staff to learn more about our health insurance verification process, or to inquire about our self-pay rates without the use of health insurance.


What is the average length of stay?

Our program length of stay is determined by a few factors. Our Treatment program ranges from 28-90 days. However, when using health insurance, your health insurance company reviews your medical and clinical progress while in our care, to determine the appropriate length of stay. On average, our client length of stay is between 28-35 days when using health insurance. Please note: Each individual is assesed and authorized based on medical and clinical necessesity for Detox and Residential addition treatment services. Ultimatley your health insurance company will determine how long your treatment lenght of stay will be. Speak to one of our admissions staff for more information about how we work with health insurance.

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Where is Tranquility Woods Located?

Tranquility Woods is located at 171-A Ryan Road Pasadena, Maryland. Please use the WAZE APP for the most accurate driving navigation to access our facility.

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Does Tranquility Woods offer Outpatient Services?

No, we only offer Detox and Residential services.

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Can I Use My Cell Phone in Treatment?

Our program does not allow the use of cell phones and other electronic devices with a data connection or camera. This is due to our respect for privacy of our clients. We do have a robust family therapy program, and allow clients to reach out to loved ones a minimum of 3 days a week.

Family Therapy

What Do I Bring To Treatment?

We have provided a list of recomended items to help prepare for your stay in our care. Please visit the link provided for our updated packing list.

What To Bring To Treatment