Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from clients and their families. Our on-site treatment consultants can help answer any questions about our program.

How Many Clients Do You Treat?

We treat 32 clients at a time to ensure our individualized treatment approach. Our program is one of the smallest in the country.

What Kind of Insurance Does Tranquility Woods Accept?

We work with most private and commercial insurance policies. We also will provide affordable alternatives to anyone who may not be able, for whatever reason, to attend Tranquility Woods.
Health Insurance We Accept

Are Private Rooms Available?

We do offer private rooms at an additional cost. Our standard rooms are two clients to a room with a private full bathroom. Either option is very comfortable and spacious!

How Much Does Tranquility Woods Cost?

Our cost of care is determined by the type of health insurance you carry. Each health insurance plan is unique, with different costs associated. Sometimes, clients can rely entirely on their health insurance to cover our costs. The fastest way to determine the cost of care would be through insurance verification.
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Where is Tranquility Woods Located?

Tranquility Woods is located at 171-A Ryan Road, Pasadena, Maryland. Please use the WAZE APP for the most accurate driving navigation to access our facility.

How Long is Treatment at Tranquility Woods?

A few factors determine our program length of stay. Our Treatment program ranges from 30-90 days. However, when using health insurance, your health insurance company reviews your medical and clinical progress while in our care to determine the appropriate length of stay. On average, our client's length of stay is between 30-35 days when using health insurance. So that you know, each individual is assessed and authorized based on the medical and clinical necessity for Detox and Residential addiction treatment services. Ultimately your health insurance company will determine how long your treatment length of stay will be, and you can choose to extend past 30 days if you feel that you are getting enough out of our program. Please speak to one of our admissions staff for more information about how we work with health insurance.

Can I Use My Electronics at Tranquility Woods?

We are a no-cell phone/laptop use facility here at Tranquility Woods. We want to ensure our client's privacy and preserve the efficacy of our program by maintaining our client’s focus on our clinical care and their recovery. However, we highly emphasize family involvement here through traditional phone calls, family therapy sessions, and in-person visitation. If you have a specific need for access to a cell phone, feel free to speak with our admissions team so they can address your concerns.

Does Tranquility Woods Have Visitation?

Yes! After our client's initial acclimation and first weekend here, in-person visitation may begin. This visitation is currently held on Sundays. The visitation is coupled with a family education session as well. Each client may have two adult family members visit each eligible Sunday.

Can Clients Receive Letters or Packages?

Absolutely! Refer to our what to bring to treatment form for a list of prohibited items, but packages and letters are welcome!

Our mailing address is:

Tranquility Woods
171-A Ryan Rd.
Pasadena, MD 21122