Group Therapy

Daily small group therapy is offered in our program.
3 min
January 15, 2024

Quick Summary: Tranquility Woods offers a nurturing environment where group therapy facilitates shared healing and growth, addressing addiction and mental health. Daily sessions encourage educational discussions, and personal goal-setting, and foster connection among clients. Gender-specific groups allow tailored support, while holistic activities promote lifestyle improvements and social reconnection. Individual sessions complement group work, offering private spaces for deeper exploration. This integrated approach builds a supportive community, essential for sustained recovery and hope-filled progress.

Joining Hands in Recovery
At Tranquility Woods, we understand that healing is better together. Our daily group therapy sessions provide a supportive space to learn and grow with others. These groups combine education on addiction, mental health care, and staying strong after treatment to prevent a return to old habits.

Gender-Specific Groups for Focused Support
Some of our group sessions are for men and women to ensure everyone has a space where they feel at ease. These sessions allow for open conversations on topics close to home, tailored to each gender’s perspective.

Morning Check-In
Every day starts with our Morning Process, a group check-in that helps set positive intentions. Clients talk about how they’re feeling and what they aim to achieve that day, and go over what’s planned. It’s a way to begin the day feeling connected and focused.

A Mix of Sessions for Engaging Everyone
With a variety of group sessions on mental health, addiction recovery, and overall well-being, we aim to keep our clients fully involved. While we love providing relaxing activities and holistic practices, our main goal is always deep and meaningful recovery work.

Holistic Groups for a Better You
Our holistic groups are all about building a better lifestyle to leave addiction behind. They also tackle the loneliness that often comes with addiction, helping to fix broken friendships and family ties. In these groups, you’ll find the chance to make new friends who understand your journey.

Personal Space in a Group Setting
We know that some topics take work to talk about in a group. That’s why we also have private sessions every week for addiction and mental health, giving you space to deal with the harder stuff. Please share and join in, but only in ways that make you feel comfortable.

Finding Common Ground
Our group sessions are designed to show that many of us share similar struggles. This helps everyone feel they belong and are not alone in this journey.

Groups as a Stepping Stone to Personal Growth
Your group therapy conversations can open up new ideas and emotions, which you can explore in your private sessions. It’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself by listening and talking to others.

Stronger Together
Group therapy at Tranquility Woods isn’t just about getting treatment; it’s about building a community of support. By sharing the recovery road, our clients gain the collective strength and encouragement needed to move forward with hope.