Packing for Treatment at Tranquility Woods

Essential Packing List for a Stay at Tranquility Woods
2 min
November 10, 2023

Entering addiction treatment is a significant step towards recovery. Preparation is crucial, and knowing what to pack can ease the transition.

Essential Items for Your Treatment Journey

1. Limited Luggage: Clients are permitted two bags – one larger bag for a week’s clothing and essentials and a smaller overnight bag. Pack hygiene products and clothes for 24 hours in your overnight bag.

2. Financial Preparedness: Bring a major credit card for pharmacy co-pays and non-addiction-related appointments. Since cash and credit cards are inaccessible during the stay, consider a $100 gift card for emergencies.

3. Medication and Health Information: Pack a 30-day supply of current medications. Include contact information for your doctors, mental health professionals, and any relevant medical paperwork.

4. Personal Contacts: List family and friends’ contact information for communication during your stay.

Recommended Items for Comfort and Wellbeing

1. Clothing and Personal Items: Pack casual clothes for 5-7 days, including yoga/workout attire and appropriate swimwear. Remember personal hygiene items, ensuring they are alcohol-free.

2. Personal Care: Bring unopened soap, lotion, sunscreen, and deodorant. Include eyeglasses or contacts (with sealed fluid).

3. Communication and Relaxation: Consider stamps, writing paper, and an MP3 player without internet access for leisure and communication.

Prohibited Items: Key Restrictions

Avoid bringing alcohol, drugs, weapons, and any items promoting substance use or violence. Personal cameras and recording devices are also prohibited.

Additional Notes

  • Loved ones can send care packages, subject to staff inspection.
  • Pre-arrival salon appointments are recommended as regular outings are not available.

Tranquility Woods is committed to a supportive, structured environment, aiding in your recovery.