Pat’s Journey of Understanding and Recovery

Thank you Pat for sharing your story.

The Decision to Seek Help

Pat shares that he came to Tranquility Woods in July 2017 for alcohol addiction help. He says a lot of his positive change is thanks to the help he got at Tranquility Woods.

Initial Experience and Education

At first, Pat felt uneasy but soon felt at home with the staff and other clients. He liked the learning part of the treatment. It helped him see his addiction as a disease. With new understanding and tools from Tranquility Woods, he built a strong base for his recovery.

Therapeutic Environment and Life Transformation

Pat loves the calm, stress-free setting of Tranquility Woods. It helped his recovery. He talks about good changes in his daily life like thinking clearly and taking care of small things. This led to a happier life. His family also learned from this, especially his wife who now understands addiction better. Pat ends by thanking Tranquility Woods for the big positive change in his life, stressing the importance of treating addiction the right way.