Staying Connected In Isolation

Techniques and tips for staying emotionally and spiritually connected with yourself and others.

The video features Tim Zukas, Executive Director at Tranquility Woods, sharing his personal experience and advice on how to stay connected while social distancing, especially in the context of addiction recovery.  This video was filmed in April 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Introduction: Tim introduces himself and the subject of staying connected during times of social isolation.
  • Personal Experience: Tim talks about his own journey to sobriety. Early on, he was advised to focus on being of service to others, which had a transformative effect on him.
  • Importance of Hope: He emphasizes that the feeling of hope and freedom he experienced was crucial in his recovery journey.
  • Combatting Isolation: Tim argues that addiction often leads to self-centered thinking, and the remedy is to be other-centered, even when physically isolated.
  • Family Connections: He shares personal examples of connecting with his family through photography, nature walks, and bike rides.
  • Water as Healing: Living near water, he feels a spiritual cleanse and tries to share this feeling with his family.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Tim discusses the importance of practices like meditation and focused breathing for maintaining mental and spiritual health.
  • Meditation Exercise: He details a breathing meditation that he has found useful but mentions that the real benefit is being present in the moment, which allows him to better serve others throughout the day.

In summary, the video covers a wide range of techniques and tips for staying emotionally and spiritually connected with yourself and others, especially crucial for those in recovery.