Lesson Title

Building and Maintaining Motivation in Recovery

Duration: 60 Minutes
This lesson aims to empower individuals in recovery by enhancing their understanding of motivation and providing them with practical tools to maintain it throughout their recovery journey.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:
  1. Understand the concept of motivation in the context of addiction recovery.
  2. Identify personal motivators and how they can be leveraged in their recovery journey.
  3. Develop strategies to maintain and strengthen motivation throughout recovery.
  4. Recognize common challenges to staying motivated and learn how to overcome them.
  5. Create a personal motivation plan tailored to their recovery needs.
  • 0-5 minutes: Introduction to the session and its objectives.
  • 5-15 minutes: Presentation on the importance of motivation in recovery, including the stages of the change model.
  • 15-25 minutes: Group discussion and sharing of personal motivators.
  • 25-35 minutes: Case study analysis and discussion on successful recovery stories.
  • 35-45 minutes: Interactive activity - participants fill out goal-setting worksheets, focusing on short-term and long-term recovery goals.
  • 45-55 minutes: Video presentation on motivational interviews and success stories.
  • 55-60 minutes: Summary, Q&A, and assignment of creating a personal motivation plan as homework.

Facilitator Notes

  • Empathy and Sensitivity: Recognize the diversity in the group, ensuring that the content is relatable and sensitive to different stages of recovery.
  • Engagement: Encourage participation in discussions and activities. Validate experiences and feelings shared by participants.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared to tailor the discussion to the group’s needs, focusing more on areas that resonate most with participants.
  • Resource Availability: Provide information about additional support resources, such as counseling services, hotlines, or online forums.
  • Follow-up: Plan for a follow-up session to review and discuss the personal motivation plans created by participants.