Kaila Gonzalez

Aftercare Coordinator
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November 13, 2023
Admissions Team

Kaila Gonzalez is the Aftercare Coordinator at Tranquility Woods. She orchestrates aftercare resources for all the clients at Tranquility Woods.

She has just shy of 3 years of experience in the treatment space, and her biggest passion is helping people find their place in recovery. She knows every individual is different, and one size doesn’t fit all. Kaila recognizes that the client’s in-patient stay is only the beginning of the recovery journey, and aftercare is almost, if not more important, for the client’s chances at maintaining long-term recovery.

Kaila started at TW by working directly with clients as a Program Assistant and Lead Program Assistant, where she learned best practices regarding direct client care. She has extensive knowledge of the program at Tranquility Woods and knows just what to look for when sourcing aftercare options. In Kaila’s personal life, she spends her time at home in Pasadena with her husband and is a proud cat mom to two lovable cats.