Nicole Wright

Addictions Counselor
1 min
November 5, 2023
Clinical Team

Nicole holds an associate degree in Addiction Counseling and has her CSC-AD licensing. Nicole is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in social work with a concentration on community service, focusing on mental and behavioral health and rehabilitation services. She receives comprehensive education and training in addiction counseling, psychology, sociology, rehabilitation, and crisis intervention counseling. She has over 30 years of customer service and volunteerism. Nicole is a licensed minister and evangelist, and her entire life is based on a core belief of love for those who are not loved or have experienced love, commitment, respect, and integrity. Nicole has managed people from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The highlights of her qualifications include providing direct rehabilitative services to persons with substance abuse issues, performing intakes and assessments, determining treatment plans and goals in alignment with CARF and DMH standards, tracking and documenting client progress, and delivering feedback and encouragement to clients to address maladaptive behaviors and orchestrating the transition of clients from detoxification/residential programs to outpatient treatments.